Band Member's

The inception of Immigrant Sons is the culmination of all the musical history and heritage of the band members.  Immigrant Sons allows all the Band members to come together and provide a wonderful blend of cultures.   Most importantly, it allows them to continue what they enjoys most… playing a variety of music that makes people want to dance and tap their feet, creating the kind of fun that builds life long memories.

Photo's below courtesy of Allison Hammer, Ian Haynes & Steve Accomondo.


Dave Accomondo (Son of Italian Immigrants) - Guitar & Vocals

Dave Accomondo is a 2nd generation American-Italian.  As a child Dave was exposed to and influenced by many different types of music...including big band, folk, traditional European and American contemporary.  As a young adult in the 80's, Dave was also heavily influenced by classic rock guitar players such as Eddie Van Halen and Tom Scholz of Boston.  In the 90's, Dave co-lead the heavy rock power trio, "Blindsided"  Wielding his customer Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, Dave brings a modern contemporary flare to Immigrant Sons, while keeping his feet firmly planted where they need to be...immersed in world class music and entertainment.  Dave also spends his free time refurbishing guitar systems for other players around the world...all this while attempting to be a great father and all around nice guy.  Traditional German and European music just adds to the ling list of musical genres Mr. Accomondo has immersed himself in over the years. 

Chris Gassel (Son of German Immigrants) - Drums & Vocals

Chris is the grandson of German immigrants. Through his parents, who have always been extremely active in several of the Detroit-area German clubs, his Oma’s cooking, and stories of the old country, he grew up with a true love and respect for his German heritage.  There has never been a time that he can recall that there wasn’t German music or dancing surrounding almost all of his family’s activities. From a very young age, Chris could always be found watching every move of the various German bands’ drummers, as they played at club dances and festivals that his family attended. The days that followed would usually lead to many hours of pots, pans, and his sister’s Barbie cases being fashioned into make-shift drum kits. Over time, the inevitable happened, and pots and pans were replaced by drums.  It wasn’t long before Chris began playing with other young aspiring musicians. The normal involvement with school bands, drum lines, and throw-together talent show bands happened along the way. He also played in various musical situations for GTEV Edelweiss and Kolping Society meetings and functions.  Those early stage experiences solidified the love of German music that continues to run quite deep.  They also ultimately led to many years of playing with several German and wedding bands that include Barons, Evolution, Die Rhinelanders, Spectrum, Legacy, and Spass.  All of which carry many very fond memories.

Stephan Lang (Son of German Immigrants) - Horn & Vocals

With a love of the saxophone, Stephan Lang has professionally entertained people for over forty years.  His background ranges from European Ethnic primarily German, to American standards, blues, and rock and roll. His forty year experiences have been playing saxophone and singing with German/wedding bands. Born to parents directly from Germany Stephan is first generation and proudly speaks the language. Stephan is a long standing member of the German Carpathia club in the greater Detroit area where he forged his German roots singing traditional folks style songs and traditional folks dances. Stephan is proud to be member of “Immigrant Sons” and believes this band will bring joy to anyone who hears them perform.  

Joe Recchia (Son of Italian Immigrants) - Electronic Accordion, Bass & Vocals


Joe Recchia is a 1st generation Italian and is very proud of his heritage and is thankful for scarifies that his Immigrant parents and grandparents have made to provide a better life for his family.  Joe currently holds the office as President of the Michigan Accordion Society and is a dedicated ambassador and promoter for the accordion.  Joe's accordion DNA comes from a long line of famous accordionists; his grandfather was Henry Ford’s personal accordionist and music director at the Ford Mansion in Dearborn, MI and was labeled as “The Famous Accordionists of the Ford Motor Car Company”.  His uncle Tony Dannon world famous Jazz Accordionists, teacher, composer, promoter as well as one of the owners of the “Modern Accordion School” in Dearborn Michigan which was well known for the most successful accordion school in the nation.  His cousin also an accordionist is baseball legend hall of famer and former Atlanta Braves Pitcher John Smoltz.  Music has been a part of Joe and his family all his life and Joe is excited to be part of a this wonderful ethnic band the "Immigrant Son". Joe also wants to add that the use of his new Electronic Accordion makes Immigrant Sons band very unique and versatile so that we can play a very large variety of music from traditional ethnic music to Popular Rock, Blues and just plain old great feel good party music! This is what sets Immigrant Sons apart from traditional "Om Pah Pah" bands! 

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